Dating and Relationships

There are many reasons why people struggle in relationships and dating. You may feel lonely or disconnected from your partner, or find your relationship is not as fulfilling as it used to be. You might even feel hopeless that you’ll ever find “the one.” You might also be preoccupied with fears of being rejected or abandoned.

Dating in the age of Tinder and Grindr can leave you feeling frustrated, jaded, and confused. Some old thoughts or feelings may come up, and those can lead you to cope in ways that don’t ultimately fulfill you. Learning to observe, recognize, and then change your unhealthy, ineffective, or irrational patterns can have drastic benefits on your overall health and self-esteem.

Individual therapy can help improve self-awareness and confidence in yourself. It can also help your communication with others and satisfaction with your relationships. If you are looking to feel more connected to yourself and to your partner, call me today so we can discuss your options.

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