Psychological Evaluation

If you are interested in psychological evaluation (sometimes called psychological testing or psychological assessment), I am happy to help. Usually, your health provider refers you to me. However, some clients are simply curious to learn more about themselves through testing. The most common referral question asks if the client has a mental health diagnosis and, if so, what are the recommendations for treatment?

What is the process for psychological evaluation?

Once I receive your referral, I will consult with the referring provider and/or call you to obtain more information. We would then schedule you for an in-person evaluation (roughly 60-90 minutes). Psychological evaluation often involves a longer and more thorough first meeting than a standard therapy intake session. This is because I will gather most of your relevant history in that meeting and I will have specific questions to help me answer the referral question. I will also have some tasks or items for you to complete during that meeting. 

After the evaluation process is complete, I then write the psychological evaluation report. This report is unique to you, your history, and your results. It takes time and careful thought to complete, but I ensure that my clients obtain their results within 7 calendar days. In the end, you will have a comprehensive report that thoroughly answers the referral question. It will also list concrete and specific recommendations for you based on your history and results.

If you are interested in psychological testing, call me today so we can discuss your needs and options.

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