Everyone experiences sadness from time to time. However, if you notice that your sadness seems to last longer or feel worse than before, or is interfering with your ability to live your life to its fullest, you may have depression. Depression can take many forms, but people usually experience prolonged unexplained sadness, emotional numbness, low energy, changes in appetite, weight, or sleep, feeling guiltly, difficulty concentrating, and suicidal thinking.

Depression can interfere with your ability to have rewarding relationships, positive self-esteem, be productive at work, or even do seemingly simple tasks like getting out of bed or returning a phone call.

If you have been feeling depressed, know that depression is treatable and studies have found that therapy for depression can help. Imagine the doors in your life that could open up if depression didn’t weigh you down. You could start feeling joy again when getting together with the people you love. Your self-esteem, sleep, and energy could all improve, and the constant negative thoughts that rattle in your mind could be replaced with more realistic thinking about your uniqueness as a human. Call me today to discuss the benefits of therapy to treat your depression.